White Airways

Regional Aviation Security Conference - ICAO

The Regional Aviation Security Conference was held in Lisbon, during the 29nd and 31st May, and was promoted by ICAO in partnership with ANAC. One of the goals of this Conference was to raise global awareness and ensure the commitment of States and Organizations.



On July 27, the CS-TKU joined the White Airways Fleet. This aircraft is an Airbus 321 and it was on Condor’s AOC for 6 years. With a capacity of 215 passengers, the CS-TKU will be allocated to an Operation with Galistair.


OMNI Group: 30 Years OF History

Founded in December of 1988, the OMNI Ground celebrate this year 30 years of History and 27 years of Operation worldwide.OMNI Aviation Group is the largest Portuguese Private Group operating in several areas of aviation.